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March 2023

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Here’s our top Energy Headlines for March:

Putin’s Secret Weapon on Energy: an Ex-Morgan Stanley Banker

  • Russia’s secret weapon on Energy? Finance bros. According to WSJ, Russia is relying on former Morgan Stanley banker Pavel Sorokin, who is now deputy energy minister, to develop new markets for its oil and gas companies amid Western sanctions.

    • Is Biden about to let us get out financed bro’d by communists? Can we get a deal team from Goldman to Kyiv asap?

  • Sorokin is part of a group of young technocrats, known as Putin's 'newcomers', who have defied expectations and shown success in navigating sanctions.

    • When asked about Putin, Sorokin said, “he’s tough at times, sure, but he’s actually less authoritarian than people expect. Honestly, he’s no worse than my MD at Morgan.”

  • Sorokin has played an influential role in exaggerating the impact of damage to the Russian-controlled pipeline to the Black Sea, helped set fixed prices on Russia's main oil export, and negotiated deals in Africa and the Middle East.

    • Many pundits are suggesting Sorokin may be the most promising dealmaker to come out of Russia since the Merchant of Death.

Alaska oil drilling protesters disrupt White House climate adviser appearance

  • Environmental activists disrupted a White House climate adviser's appearance at an event, holding up banners and chanting slogans calling for an end to oil drilling in Alaska in opposition of the recently approved Willow project.

    • What happened to throwing the soup on art? That didn’t solve everything? Shucks. Maybe the slogans, chanting, and banners will do it.

  • Reilly Haught, a 23-year-old protestor from West Virginia, told Reuters after the event that the Willow decision and others approving drilling on federal land undermine the climate benefits of the IRA.

    • At 23 years old, some fear Reilly may be too old to be spearheading the left’s energy policy though. As recent history has demonstrated, most environmental thought leaders peak between the ages of 15-17 (before they inevitably outgrow the intelligence levels of their constituents).

  • Despite the White House acknowledging the protesters' concerns, Biden confirmed he will be going through with approving the development for drilling.

    • Thus, an especially long and sad bicycle ride home.

Saudi Aramco Posts Record $161 Billion Profit for 2022

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