ResNet Review

Volume 12

ResNet Review is the Energy Newsletter for the Shalennial Generation

Here’s our top Energy Headlines for November:


  • TIME Magazine published their “Time 100 Climate: The 100 Most Influential Leaders Driving Business to Real Climate Action”. The list, said to recognize “true changemakers”, includes everyone from Bill Gates to MrBeast to ColdPlay to Billie Eilish.

    • While this is a great list, we were sad to see TIME included one person affiliated with an E & P operator (the low carbon solutions guy from ExxonMobil). One is still too many, especially considering climate problem solvers like Lady Gaga, Timothee Chalamet, and Busta Rhymes were all snubbed.

  • While some may be perplexed by the inclusion of Billie Eilish on a climate action list, when asked in her interview to outline some of her achievements in helping the climate, Eilish explained, “I was able to utilize solar-charged intelligent batteries to power my set at Lollapalooza”

    • Huge breakthrough. While the energy industry focuses on the small issues (displacing coal in China, pneumatic device replacements, zero-emission power plants)... it’s good to know Billie Eilish is solving the big ones (emissions from her set at a music festival)

  • Not to be outdone, when Coldplay was asked about their contributions, they highlighted, “Next year, we’re going to make all of the vinyl records for our next album from recycled waste plastic bottles”.

    • Very impactful development. Equally important, Cold Play also announced they’re changing the name of their song, “Yellow”, to “Green”... Who needs “The Scientist” to “Fix You” when Coldplay’s vinyl albums can simply stop the “Clocks” on global warming?

  • Notably missing from TIME’s Climate 100 list was their 2019 Person of The Year, Greta Thurnberg. Some speculate her recent controversial stance on the middle east has soured her standing as the foremost thought leader of the environmental movement.


  • Greenpeace activists boarded a deep-sea mining ship in the Pacific Ocean and said Sunday they'll stay to protest exploration the ship is conducting to support activity that would destroy marine life.

    • A new frontier for environmental protesters. Just when they start beefing up the security at sporting events and art galleries, we give them a little sneak attack with the Captain Jack Sparrow pirate protest maneuver.

  • On the other side of the globe, in one of the largest mass arrests of recent years, police in New South Wales (NSW) detained some 109 protesters on Sunday evening. They had participated in a 30-hour maritime demonstration of 34 kayaks, surfboards and pontoons at the port of Newcastle, aimed at blocking coal shipments and the broader promotion of fossil fuels.

    • The only rule for joining the protest was you weren’t allowed to Google how kayak’s, surfboards, or pontoons are manufactured. Just focus on stopping fossil fuels. Nevermind the fact that without them you’d all be drowning.

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