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Volume 16

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Here’s our top Energy Headlines for March:


  • If you’re looking for a word to sum up this year’s CERAWeek by S&P Global, try this one: demand. Any debate about energy these days is often presented as a choice between fossil fuels and low-carbon alternatives, but it’s becoming clear that right now the world needs all of the above. One eye-popping forecast touted this week: By 2030, the surge in AI means US data centers may gobble up more power than households.

    • Please inject this article into our veins.

  • Despite the boom in solar power, it’s unlikely renewables can meet this surge in demand. At the very least, that means existing fossil-fuel generators stay online longer and more gas-fired output probably will be required in the US and elsewhere.

    • You don’t say? You mean these data centers will still need to operate when it’s dark out? What if we dished out another few hundred billion in subsidies?

  • “With this huge revolution around artificial intelligence, I think the energy needs are going to be enormous,” ConocoPhillips Chief Executive Officer Ryan Lance told the conference. The dramatic projections for power consumption from data centers prompted energy companies — including gas and pipeline operators — to confer directly with technology firms.

    • Big Oil working with Big Tech. John Arnold on the board at META. Who cares that buying a bag of m&m’s costs more than buying 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas. We’re so back!


  • A Texas school fund told BlackRock it was terminating its contract to manage around $8.5 billion of state money, accusing the investment giant of boycotting fossil fuel energy producers, who represent a large part of the state's industry.

    • Game over. BlackRock is done. According to our calculations, this move will leave BlackRock with only $10 trillion in assets under management. Factor in taxes and this company is in the red now. Max short.

  • Texas State Board of Education Chair Aaron Kinsey, who administers the fund, said its relationship with BlackRock breached state law against investing with companies accused of boycotting energy companies. Kinsey told Reuters that the fund was complying with a 2021 Texas law obliging state agencies to divest from fund managers like BlackRock that shed investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    • This is the greatest law in the history of legislation and further proof why Texas is the GOAT. “Sorry, we’d love to invest in your fund… but that would be illegal.”

  • BlackRock called the move arbitrary and said it ignores the firm's $120 billion investment in Texas public energy companies. "The decision jeopardizes Texas schools and the families who have benefited from BlackRock's consistent long-term outperformance," BlackRock said.

    • Fink may have spoke too soon. Rumors have it Kinsey is yolo’ing the $8.5B into the Truth Social IPO and Joe Boden meme coins. Our internal forecasts based on recent trends indicate a 328% compounding monthly return on these investments, far outweighing BlackRock’s 10% yearly coupon.

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